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Guaranteed Performance Through Careful Preemption: Maintaining Your Automatic Transmission

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Many people who prefer to buy cars with an automatic transmission have that preference because they're interested in the least stressful driving experience possible. A manual transmission requires constant vigilance and a soft touch behind the wheel. Whether it's fair or not, there's also a perception that manual vehicles require frequent service.
That assumption can run the risk of getting you into trouble if you draw the conclusion that your automatic vehicle requires little to no transmission care. In fact, smart operations and proper usage are just as important for an automatic vehicle. Without maintaining good practices you can find yourself struggling to stay on the road.
Below, you'll find a guide to some tips that should help you maintain your automatic transmission. If ease and reliability are high on your list of priorities, these suggestions should help you achieve that goal while guaranteeing that you don't get stuck trying to catch up with extensive repairs.

Lay Off the Brakes

Your car's systems are all interconnected and forcing one of them through a lot of stress can impact the others. This certainly is true when it comes to the relationship between your brakes and your transmission, as slowing the momentum of your vehicle requires your gears to wind down. If you put your car through that process frequently and unnecessarily, the wear and tear might be seen in more ways than you expect.
Rather than maintaining speed until the last possible second and then riding your brakes to stay under control, you should do your best to keep your foot off the brake pedal. Adjust your speed properly for conditions and make sure that you're always maintaining a safe following distance.
Avoiding sudden braking events can give you that gentle deceleration and keep your transmission protected and operating smoothly.

Check Your Fluids

Most people are familiar with where their oil dipstick is located and how to take it out and examine the quantity of oil in the system. Most people can also find their wiper fluid reservoir and make sure that it's topped off when it needs a refill. Your transmission fluid plays an incredibly important role in the smooth operation of your engine, yet many people avoid checking on it and are willing to gamble that the levels are sufficient.
When you're performing basic vehicle maintenance or lifting the hood of your car or truck for any reason, take a second to verify that your transmission fluid is in working order. After you perform the check, you should also make sure that the reservoir cap is properly secured. If not, the high temperatures in your engine could cause the fluid to evaporate, turning a responsible checkup into the source of a serious problem.

Shift at a Complete Stop

Some parts of driving become so natural and fluid that they're almost second nature. When you're backing out of a parking space, it can be easy to shift from reverse to drive while you're still rolling, so you can expedite the process of getting on your way.
Unfortunately, this sudden reversal of the gears is enormously stressful on your transmission. If you've ever heard a grinding noise or felt a shudder during this transition, then you've felt the physical strain you're inducing. Avoid these concerns by always allowing your vehicle to come to a complete stop before moving the gear shift.
The skilled professionals at American & Foreign Transmission Service offer a wide variety of services to help keep your transmission in its best shape. Turning to the professionals for help is the last big step in maintaining your vehicle and guaranteeing that shifting goes as smooth as possible.