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Transmission Repairs and Services in Reno, Nevada

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Recognizing the Signs Your Car Needs Service

Are you having trouble shifting gears? Can you hear grinding noises coming from under your car? Do gears seem to slip from one to another when they’re not supposed to? Does your vehicle sometimes stall or surge? To save yourself money in expensive repairs, it is important to spot the indicators that your transmission needs a professional service as soon as they start.
For the past nearly 50 years, the team of auto experts at American & Foreign Transmission Service has been helping car owners stop small maintenance issues from becoming big headaches. Schedule your easy inspection and get a free estimate today.

Comprehensive Professional Services

If you want to make the most of your auto investment and prolong the life of your car, truck or recreational vehicle, you have found the right place. We provide the trustworthy and affordable repairs and services that keep you on the road and enjoying your ride for years to come. Our team provides the following essential car upkeep services:

Transfer Cases

Without a functioning transfer case, your car won’t move. Transfer cases sit right behind your transmission and direct power to your axles and wheels which allows your vehicle to accelerate. This vital system is therefore always in use when you drive and deserves attentive maintenance such as oil lubricant changes to avoid significant damage that will require replacement. Whether you own a four-wheel drive vehicle or an everyday commuter, we specialize in quick, hassle-free services.

Front and Rear Differential

Your differentials allow your vehicle to turn and navigate on roads. There are many metal components within the differential that rub and rotate against each other every time your turn your steering wheel; which makes lubrication and professional checkups very important to avoid seizing gears and impaired steering. Schedule a professional inspection today for your peace of mind.

Driveline Work

Your car’s driveline transfers power and torque from your engine to your wheels, allowing you to have the responsive handling you need to drive safely. Consisting of drive shafts and universal joints, the driveline needs proper lubrication to prevent vibrations or grinding that cause excessive wear and tear on essential components. Whether you need a lubricant change, repairs or replacement, we will help you navigate your options and make the best decision for you, your car and your budget.


Your vehicle’s clutch controls the speed and ease of acceleration when you press down on the gas pedal. If your clutch pedal is loose, your car has trouble climbing inclines or if your engine revs without additional acceleration, it is time for an easy diagnostics service from your trusted local transmission mechanics at American & Foreign Transmission Service.